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What is RPL?

If you have skills, but no qualification, or you wish to gain a new qualification and gain credit for studies already completed, we can help you. CDT has a user-friendly RPL assessment can be completed through email, mail and direct Skype voice/video or telephone interviews. It is also possible to be assessed on the job with an assessor if you are located within the Sydney metro region. It is also possible to submit work documents as evidence, or to be assessed in your workplace, by arrangement. Remember that the work you submit from your workplace must be work you have initiated or collaborative with other colleagues who are prepared to sign a third-party authority (stat dec) to support your application.

RPL is an assessment only process that looks at the skills and knowledge that you have attained:

by prior study

through work experience

through life skills

RPL is a way of fast tracking through a qualification, and at a lower cost, but should not be seen as ‘the easy way’. It requires effort on your part to find evidence, and that evidence must support the Rules of Evidence:

it must be valid in terms of meeting the standards set for the qualification

it must be your own work or relate directly to you

it must be current, especially in critical safety and industry skills

it must be sufficient to allow us to make a judgment of competence

** Note that special conditions may apply to currency and type of evidence that must be provided for all qualifications. Speak to your assessor for confirmation of the requirements for your course.

This means that in assessing your claim for competence, we have to be thorough in working with you to match your evidence against the Units.

Our RPL Process

We have a simple and straight forward RPL process making it easy to complete and for submission of evidence:

Ask us for an RPL application form or download off the website and select your Course and Units and send this in to our office with your attached CV and Job Description

Additionally, you will be advised to pay $150 for a skills analysis of your background and information to ensure that you will be suitable to complete the RPL. Your assessor will contact you for an interview to work through the skills analysis.

If Successful this $150 will be deducted from the full price of the RPL course

If Unsuccessful the $150 will be non-refundable

If there are GAPS are evident, we will discuss whether these require gap training or can be filled by challenge testing. There will be ab an additional charge for this service and the Assessor will notify you of the cost.

What is Challenge testing?

The assessor upon completion of the Skills Analysis will ascertain and explain why there is to be a challenge test to prove you have the knowledge and skills through undertaking assessment tasks.

It is not the same as training, so is costed in the initial RPL charge.

It is an ideal way to prove that you have skills where you have no documentary evidence.

Fees RPL Services

We charge an initial RPL assessment fee at enrolment, which includes the fee for assessing challenge tests or conducting interviews with referees.

Should you need gap training, you will be billed for an additional fee, which is very moderate.

No gap training fees are invoiced until you have agreed that you consent to undertake the training.

Duration and Discontinuing

Upon enrolling in a course with Career Development and Training you will have 12 months from enrolment to complete the submission.

If you want to change your courses or discontinue the process you will need to issue this information in a letter or email to the CEO. You will be issued with a Statement of Attainment documenting all the Units in which you have proven competency

If you ask to resume the process within six months of discontinuing, you will be allowed to re-enroll for RPL with no additional RPL assessment costs.

Additional gap training costs will still apply if you re-enroll as a continuing student.

Additional gap training costs will still apply if you re-enroll as a continuing student.